In a disaster, your help is always needed. Recovery for the communities and survivors impacted by disaster can last months and years. It is only through the generous contributions of time and resources from volunteers and nonprofit/voluntary organizations that these communities and survivors can truly rebuild.

However, immediately following a disaster, large amounts of volunteers and donations converging on one place can be difficult to organize, and do not always meet the needs of the community. To ensure that your efforts are put to good use, we ask that you follow nationally recognized best practices on how to support impacted communities following a disaster. 

  • Cash is the most needed, best way of donating. Cash gives non-profit groups the most flexibility in helping people pull through after an emergency.
  • Donate through a trusted group. You see a lot of voluntary, faith- and community-based groups all around the nation helping people after an emergency. The national groups are a trusted way to give cash to people who need help after an emergency. Visit for information on reputable North Carolina organizations providing disaster relief services and NationalVOAD for information on national organizations.
  • Cash puts money back into the local economy to help businesses pull through. Volunteer groups use cash donations to fund response and recovery efforts, get goods and services locally, and give monetary help to people to meet their needs.

December 2021 Tornadoes

All citizens interesting in helping those affected by recent tornadoes, please view the list of VOAD agencies and contact information below.

National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (National VOAD):

  • How to Donate:  While all donations are appreciated, CASH IS BEST. National VOAD members are fully-vetted, experienced, and dedicated professionals who will get the most out of your generous donation. If you wish to make a financial donation, please select a National VOAD member here (
  • Do not send or bring unsolicited donations. In the early stages of the response phase, most organizations are unable to accommodate any material goods. Unsolicited donations create a challenge of storage and sorting when focus is needed on response and recovery.

Team Western Kentucky (State Tornado Relief Fund) (cash donations):

United Way Kentucky

American Red Cross

Salvation Army!/donation/checkout

Samaritan’s Purse

Baptists on Mission