REVC - Radiological Emergency Volunteer Corps

Over 88% of North Carolinians live within 50 miles of a nuclear power plant. Radiological equipment and materials are used in industrial and medical facilities

 across our state every day, and are transported on our roads and railways. If a radiological emergency occurred, thousands of people may require monitoring and sheltering. Emergency management agencies will be overwhelmed - That's where REVC can help!

The Radiological Emergency Volunteer Corps (REVC) is a group of trained volunteers who are prepared to respond to radiological emergencies in North Carolina. In the event such an emergency, they will assist with setting up and/or operating population monitoring points at community reception centers. Our volunteers go through significant training to join REVC. Once they are approved, they can participate in drills and exercises to help test the abilities of emergency management agencies to respond to radiological emergencies and respond to actual incidents. 

Volunteers receive free training, including:

  • Basic Incident Command System (100/200/700)
  • Health Physics Basics
  • General Radiological Emergency Preparedness (REP) Overview
  • Reception Center Operations (PPE/dosimetry/population monitoring)

Upcoming Events:
November 27: REVC Module Eight: Radiation Detection Equipment, virtual offering
January 8: REVC Module Nine: Radiation Center Operations, virtual offering
January 13: REVC Module Ten: Station Practicals, Bolivia (for those near the Brunswick Nuclear Plant)
January 27: REVC Module Ten: Station Practicals, Pittsboro (for those near the Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant)
February 17: REVC Module Ten: Station Practicals, Charlotte (for those near the McGuire Nuclear Station)
February 26: REVC First Quarter Meeting, via Webex
May 20: REVC Second Quarter Meeting, via Webex
August 26: REVC Third Quarter Meeting, via Webex
November 16: REVC Annual Meeting, Charlotte

For more information, email or fill out the application below and return it to the same address.